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PT. Masafante Indo Walet (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT Masafante Indowalet (Masafante) produces 100% pure and natural swiftlet’s nests from Indonesia, operating under a sustainable environment for the swiftlets.It all started from the H. M. Sampoerna family who has consumed and enjoyed the benefit of edible bird’s nests for many years. With ideas and support from them, we started Masafante with few birdhouses farming in Central Kalimantan in May 2011. By April 2012, we established an integrated edible bird’s nest company from the farm in Kalimantan to our processing unit in Tangerang, before arriving at our stock point at the heart of Jakarta central business district.Simultaneously, a network of market in Singapore was opened. Within six months, our first export had made its way to Hongkong, and another network was rolled out to Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.


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