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(Export Quality) Oval Bird nest 25 gr
(Export Quality) Oval Bird nest 25 gr
(Export Quality) Oval Bird nest 25 gr
(Export Quality) Oval Bird nest 25 gr
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11 Jun 2020
1 Box
IDR 577.500

Specification of

Oval Bird nest is a swiftlet nest that has export quality, with exceptional properties and nutritional value that is not found in other foods. there is no difference in the efficacy and nutritional content between the Cup bird nest  and the oval, because they both come from the swiftlet bird Saliva

Charasteristic Swiftlet feet:
1. Size: height varies greatly
2. Weight 1 pcs: 2-4 gr
3. Color: Yellow to ivory white (due to natural swiftlet nest without bleach)
4. The quality of the Kalimantan nest, not Java (the swiftlet's nest is gray and dark)
5. Originating from our own swiftlet house (our 10 swiftlet houses are spread from Palangkaraya to Banjarmasin)
6. 100% ORIGINAL
7. 100% Pure with no bleach or other chemicals

Here are the benefits of bird nests that have proven their usefulness.
1. Able to neutralize toxins in the body
2. Stimulates the growth of red blood cells
3. Increase endurance
4. Balance the energy in the body
5. Restore and improve lungs
6. Improve digestive function
7. Support the pregnancy process

7 Reasons you chose us:
1. We are a company registered as a birdnes nest provider.
2. Experience in eight years, our company was founded in 2011
3. Ten bird nest houses in Palangkaraya and Banjarmasin, don't worry we provide high quality guarantee
4. Hundreds of consumers, we not only serve domestic, almost 95% of our customers are abroad.
5. 100% Pure Guarantee, we do not provide bird nests that use bleach or medicine.
6. All types of bird nests, we have variations of shapes bird nests both Cup, Oval and Trianggle
7. Best Price, you can compare our prices with competitors, because we provide the best at competitive prices



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