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28 Feb 2024
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1 Gram (g)
Cup Birdnest

We sell [Health Foods] Grade A4 Cup BirdNest

Bird Nest Swiftlet Cup form with AAAA Grade (A4) is the best birdnest in its class, measuring 3-4 cm up. Birdnest contains a variety of nutrients that are very good for the body, one of which is Collagen and Elastin which are not found in many other foods, if consumed regularly, will protect you from premature and spotty aging that comes from various physical activities, pollution and food intake, so that your skin will look younger, brighter and wrinkle-free. It is not wrong if this Grade A4 bird nest is the daily intake of models and socialites

Complete benefits of Swiftler BirdNest CUP shape Grade AAAA (A4)

  1. Able to neutralize toxins in the body
  2. Stimulates the growth of red blood cells
  3. Increase endurance
  4. Balancing energy in the body
  5. Restoring and breathing the lungs
  6. Improve digestive function
  7. Support the pregnancy process

Information on handling Birdnest shipping items

Swiftlet’s nests are very fragile because they are formed from swiftlet saliva, in the process before shipping, We are Swiflet hesitates Indonesian sellers, spraying on swallow nests, the purpose of which is not broken during the shipping process.

After the item arrives, you must do the following:

Open the packaging of birdnest immediately

Take trays/baskets, then take out one by one birdnest from the box, and arranged neatly without anyone being crushed.

Place the swallow nest in the air-conditioned room with a temperature of 17-18 oC, leave it for about 12 hours. * noted if you want to dry faster, you can add a fan.

If the swallow nest is dry, we recommend putting it in a donut box to keep it dry and maintain its quality.

Please proceed as you wish.

7 Reasons You Choose Us:

  1. We are a company registered as a provider of swallow nests. You can visit our website: www.masindowalet.com
  2. Experienced in Seven years, our company was founded in 2011
  3. Three swallow nest houses in Palangkaraya, don't worry we provide a high-quality guarantee
  4. Hundreds of consumers, we don't only serve domestic, almost 95% of our customers are overseas.
  5. 100% Pure Guarantee, we do not provide swallow nests that use bleach or medicine.
  6. All types of swallow nests, we have variations in the form of swallow nests in both the Cup, Oval, and Triangle
  7. Best Price, you can compare our prices with competitors, because we provide the best at competitive prices

Note for items:

Please, for esteemed buyer pay attention to the following notes:

Every item you buy will be subject to a water content of 10%. What is the water content? The water content that we intentionally give to the swallow nest is not too hard when the shipping process, aiming to avoid destruction of the swallow nest.

Swallow nest that you receive, only 90% of the total order. Example. If you order 100 grams of swallow nest, then you will get a dry swallow nest of 90 grams, while the remaining 10 percent is allocated for water content.

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